Our Mission

Human as a whole

This is the basic motto of the Formanatura team.

Only when all the elements of the whole work together, can we talk about coherence that brings health, energy and satisfaction. The life of the modern man is under constant trials, under pressure and time constraints. And these are the circumstances in which the balance can start to break down, sometimes quite invisibly. There is a lack of energy, discomfort, feelings of discomfort, stiffness and pain.

Many people become aware of their bodies and minds and their connections only when problems arise. It is much better, of course, if this does not happen, but we all know how difficult it is at the pace that we live to fulfill all the good conclusions about fitness, healthy eating, caring for the body ...

The Formanatura team, therefore, does not offer you good conclusions, but helps you establish a way of life where you do not have to deal with all of the above, but slowly and seamlessly become a part of everyday life.

Talk to our personal trainer. Trust him with your wishes and goals in this area, your habits and attitudes. Based on this conversation and the evaluations that follow, he will prepare you an individual program.

Our team includes experts for personal coaching, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychotherapy and massage. All of this was combined into an effective whole by the personal trainer and author of the Formanatura program Miha Šumak, who has concluded his rich experience, knowledge and dedication to share with you. We assure you that you will enjoy a new way of life, as well as a path that will lead you there.

Even the ancient Greeks said: "A healthy spirit in a healthy body. And they were right. "